Journal of a Melancholic

As a child my delight was to sit on the roof top
As an adult my neighbors thought me weird, sitting on my roof
  - so I took a camera with me
And they thought me a pervert on my roof with a camera
   -so I went to the park with my camera
And they thought me to be a stalker
   -so I only went out to photograph in the rain
And they assumed me to be challenged
   -so I only went out when people paid me to use my camera
And they  thought me too expensive and quit calling
   -so now I go out disguised as an old man
   with a little plastic camera wrapped in duct tape
And I no longer care what they think - I am alone again 
with my thoughts, and the memory of that 10 year old 
sitting on the roof top
                       -Michael Hartsock