Journal of A Melancholic

As a child my delight was to sit on the roof top

 As an adult my neighbors thought me weird, sitting on my roof

   so I took a camera with me

And they thought me a pervert on my roof with a camera

   so I went to the park with my camera

And they thought me to be a stalker

   so I only went out to photograph in the rain

And they assumed me to be challenged

   so I only went out when people paid me to use my camera

And they  thought me too expensive and quit calling

   so now I go out disguised as an old man

   with a little plastic camera wrapped in duct tape

And I no longer care what they think - I am alone again 

   with my thoughts, and the memory of that 10 year old 

sitting on the roof top

The images on this site were made with a Holga camera.

In 2012 after acquiring a Holga camera my photography took a left turn. Sometimes referred to as a “toy” camera, the Holga is a plastic film camera first introduced in China in the 1980s as an inexpensive mass-market camera. The Holga does not have a light meter and has a fixed shutter speed with “bulb” setting to hold the shutter open. The Holga can be challenging to use but the results are worth the effort. The natural vignetting and the softer focus of the plastic lens is a pleasant departure from the ultra sharpness of modern lenses. In 2022 after a 10 year run I retired the Holgas to have another round of photography with “real” cameras.